Artist & Photography Services

We enjoy serving our many talented artist customers, and they really appreciate our high quality scanning, color matching, and reproduction of their art and photography.  

With the scanned and color matched digital files of their amazing work we can make prints in many sizes and on many materials such as metal, canvas, archival art papers, and very high quality cotton rag paper.  We often make greeting cards, mugs, tiles, coasters, etc. for the artists to sell in galleries and gift shops.  

Artists maintain their digital scans on flash drive or disc and/or on their own computers, but we also keep their files for quick and easy reorders using thumbnail prints of their work on file with us.  We will never share or sell your files or images.  Those are the property of the artist only. 

As to Color Matching, we use a color management system that improves the color consistency on the various papers that we use.  The colors are manipulated to be an extremely close match to the original artwork, and are always approved by the artist before final printing.  Our inkjet printers use 12 different pigmented inks to give a nice wide color range and long life.  

We will also disassemble and reassemble framed artwork for scanning, color matching and reproduction.  (ONLY with permission of the artist)


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